Stage 1 of the Yan Yean Road upgrade is now complete. This $131.2 million upgrade has transformed Yan Yean Road in Plenty from a congested 2 lane arterial to a 4-lane road with improved safety features, 6 intersections with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and brand-new walking and cycling paths.

Stage 1 Yan Yean Road Upgrade has:

  • realigned the road to remove dangerous bends
  • widened the road from 1 to 2 lanes in each direction
  • upgraded 6 intersections with traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings
  • installed safety barriers along the road
  • built new walking and cycling paths.

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End of works for Yan Yean Road Stage 1.

Project design

Stage 1 Yan Yean Road Upgrade has improved journey reliability by:

  • widening the road from one to two lanes in each direction
  • upgrading six intersections with traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings.

Stage 1 Yan Yean Road Upgrade has prioritised safety by:

  • removing dangerous road bends
  • adding safety barriers in the centre medians and by the roadside to significantly lower the risk of head-on collisions and run-off-road crashes
  • building service roads to provide residents with safe access to their properties from Yan Yean Road.

Stage 1 Yan Yean Road Upgrade has created greater connectivity through Plenty by:

  • building a new shared walking and cycling path along the full length on the west side of the road
  • building new footpaths along sections on the east side of the road
  • moving bus stops and placing them conveniently near new pedestrian crossings
  • providing better facilities by installing bus shelters at 10 of the 12 bus stops along this section of Yan Yean Road. Shelters could not be added at two bus stops due to space constraints.

It’s now safer and easier to get around Plenty. The walking and cycling paths and crossing opportunities have been designed to better connect you with public transport, as well as shopping and sporting precincts in your local area.


To help maintain the local biodiversity, we’re landscaping with native plants. We’ve also built natural basins to help collect, drain and filter rainwater and reduce flooding.


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