We’re removing the level crossings at Old Calder Highway and Watsons Road, Diggers Rest in 2025. Removing these crossings by building road bridges in both locations will improve safety, allow more trains more often and will prepare the area for future development.

Early works are underway and major construction to remove the level crossings will begin soon.

We’re looking for community members to form the project’s Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG). The SLG will consist of volunteer community members who represent the views and interests of residents, business owners and community organisations. Visit Engage Victoria to learn more about the SLG and make a nomination.

The removal of these 2 crossings will make the Sunbury Line level crossing free in 2025. This means more benefits for local communities and a better transport network for all Victorians.

Approximately 8000 vehicles travel through the Old Calder Highway and Watsons Road level crossings each day. Boom gates are down for up to 36 minutes of the morning peak when up to 27 trains travel through these crossings.

These projects build on the Sunbury Line Upgrade which, in conjunction with the Metro Tunnel, will allow more trains to run more often. Removing these crossings now will prevent even more boom gate down time in the future.