The project will include construction of a new road overpass bridge across the Melbourne-Geelong railway line, extending the road south towards Browns Road.

Wyndham City Council will construct a future section of Ison Road connecting to the overpass bridge.

We’re also making it easier and safer for you to walk and cycle in the area by building a walking and cycling path along the Ison Road Overpass, and dedicated cycling track underneath the overpass.


Once complete, the overpass will provide a vital link to the developing residential areas of Wyndham West to the Princes Freeway to Melbourne and Geelong.

Further benefits of the project include:

  • reducing congestion by directing traffic out of central Werribee and improving safety and journey reliability to the Princes Freeway and the Werribee Town Centre
  • supporting urban growth and housing development in this high-growth area
  • providing Wyndham West residents access to surrounding areas and broader transport networks
  • improving amenity and safety of local streets and easing congestion in Werribee Town Centre
  • making it easier and safer for you to walk and cycle in the area by creating a new walking and cycling path along the overpass, and a dedicated cycling track underneath the overpass.

Current activities

After a short holiday break, our crews cranked up construction work in early January to prepare for 2 huge piling rigs to arrive on site.

The machines are being used to help build about 1,000 steel-reinforced concrete piles up to 12m deep and nearly 1m in diameter.

The piles will help form the foundation of the new overpass, which will provide booming Wyndham West with a vital road link to the Princes Freeway.

Keep an eye out for the piling rigs in operation, they can extend up to 21m high, around 3 times the height of a typical power pole. The piling works began on Wednesday 17 January and are due for completion in June.

Earthworks are also underway to raise ground levels for the overpass road.

Trucks have started to bring in the 200,000m3 of fill material that will form ramps on each side of the bridge. That’s enough to fill 80 Olympic size swimming pools.

A reminder that a reduced speed limit of 40km/h is in place on:

  • Bulban Road (between Ison and Galvin roads)
  • Galvin Road
  • Browns Road
  • A section of Alfred Road.

For your safety and the safety of our workers, please observe signs and instructions from traffic controllers.

Please remember to give way at the intersection of Alfred Road and Browns Road, there are lots of trucks coming onto site via the gate south of this intersection.