31 March 2022


About the Suburban Rail Loop East

Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East will create a brand new 26km underground rail line in the middle ring of Melbourne suburbs that will move passengers from the SRL station at Cheltenham to the SRL station at Box Hill in around 22 minutes.

SRL East is both a significant rail infrastructure project and a unique opportunity to build on the best elements of Melbourne’s middle suburbs to cater for new jobs, housing and the other opportunities that will be triggered by access to easier and more efficient public transport.

Community projects, public open space, active transport networks and community assets such as hubs, playgrounds, sport and recreation facilities, and creative spaces are important components of liveable, attractive and well-functioning precincts.

About the SRL Community Projects Fund

During SRL East’s construction phase, the Victorian Government wants to support, strengthen and enhance healthy, safe and sustainable local communities and places in the SRL East Precincts surrounding the future stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill and in other areas in the vicinity of SRL East surface infrastructure.

To achieve this, a $250 million SRL Community Projects Fund (the Fund) has been established to support initiatives both big and small that build on current community needs while ensuring SRL Precincts are ready for the changes over time that will accompany the new rail line.

The Fund aims to increase social amenity in SRL East Precincts across 4 broad funding areas:

  • Community Support, including local sport, festivals and events, and community group led projects
  • Community Infrastructure, including playgrounds, creative spaces and community hubs
  • Active Transport, including cycling paths, walking trails and public transport access
  • Public Open Space, including new and enhanced open spaces

The first CPF funding round is for Community Support Grants. These grants are awarded for grassroots community projects, such as resources for local organisations and the improvement of existing facilities. This round opens Thursday 31 March 2022 and will close 11:59 PM Thursday 26 May 2022.

Future rounds will be subject to future guidelines tailored to the objectives of the round.

The Fund is managed by the Suburban Rail Loop Authority.

Community Support Grants

Round 1 will provide grants for community support projects within the SRL East precincts.

A wide range of projects are eligible. Proposed projects should improve community connectedness, meet community needs, and enhance community cohesion by bringing people together to participate in local activities and initiatives. Community Support grants will be targeted towards community projects that meet the following objectives for the SRL project:

  • Facilitate community development, urban renewal and enhanced liveability; or
  • Increase productivity by facilitating greater employment, economic activity and investment; or
  • Improve connectivity throughout Melbourne by enhancing active and public transport movement; and
  • Broadly align with SRL precinct locations and aspirations as identified in the SRL Business and Investment case; and
  • Demonstrate innovation, value for money, and management of non-financial risks.

Co-contributions are encouraged, both financial and in-kind.

Round 1 Grants will support local projects between $10,000 – $80,000 that fulfil the assessment criteria.

Applications will be assessed by an assessment panel convened by the Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) against the criteria set out below.


Eligible applicants

Incorporated not-for-profit organisations with proposals for projects located near to proposed SRL East stations or railway infrastructure can apply for a Community Grant.

Applications are invited from:

  • incorporated not-for-profit community organisations
  • groups auspiced by not-for-profit community organisations.

Incorporated not-for-profit community organisations may include but are not limited to:

  • charities
  • organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) or Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status
  • cooperatives
  • companies limited by guarantee and/or limited by shares (non-distribution of profits or dividends)
  • trusts that are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
  • associations (under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic))
  • Local Aboriginal Land Councils
  • organisations established under an Act of Parliament
  • Schools, sporting clubs

To be eligible to apply for a Community Grant, applicants must:

  • be based in, or conduct activities that benefit members of these communities
  • propose a project where the majority of participants and/or recipients are residents
  • Consideration will also be given to projects and initiatives surface to areas which will be home to supporting infrastructure for SRL East
  • demonstrate that the project can be delivered within 12 months of the receipt of funding
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have current public liability insurance (PLI).

Applicants will not be eligible to receive a grant if they:

  • derive income from gambling, or are proposing to conduct activities that promote gambling
  • have a debt owing to the local council where the project will be undertaken
  • have not submitted an acquittal for any previous grant or partnership from the relevant local council.

Projects eligible for Community Grants

Community Grants are the focus of round 1, with funding of between $10,000 and $80,000 available for local projects and initiatives.

Examples of projects that may be eligible include:

  • Sporting club equipment
  • Gardening equipment for a community garden
  • Support for community events, festivals etc
  • Resources for a local library
  • Projects that celebrate local heritage, history or diversity
  • Tree plantings at a local reserve

Proposed projects should improve community connectedness, improve community cohesion and meet community need. Co-funding will be considered favourably in the assessment process and could be in the form of financial or in-kind contributions.

Projects are due to be completed within 12 months of the receipt of funding. If projects are impacted further by COVID-19 restrictions, this will be flexible, with extensions and variations available.

Projects are not eligible to receive a Grant if they:

  • have the single purpose of promoting religion or political parties
  • are currently fully funded by local, state or federal governments
  • are intended to fund operational or core business costs including salaries and administration costs
  • are deemed as core curriculum activities of educational institutions
  • have already commenced, or have not commenced but secured funding.

More information about the assessment criteria is provided below.

Grant priorities

To be eligible for a Grant, applications should support the strengthening of community connectedness and cohesiveness, as well as align with at least one of the following priorities:

  • Health and Wellbeing – supporting programs and opportunities which promote healthy living and wellbeing.
  • Innovation – supporting projects and events which help the community to solve future challenges.
  • Environment and Sustainability – enhancing and conserving green spaces and the environment.
  • Mobility – making it easier for communities to travel and explore their local area.
  • Leadership – supporting and training future leaders to advocate for their community.
  • Education and Skills – providing information, skills and new opportunities to members of the community.
  • Diversity – supporting social inclusion for diverse populations.
  • Arts and Culture – celebrating culture and building positive community perceptions.
  • Heritage – celebrating history and creating links between the past and present within the community.
  • Beautification – supporting opportunities to improve the aesthetics and facilities of the community.

Grant applications must include acknowledgement and in-principle support from relevant stakeholders and authorities that may be impacted by the proposed project. Permissions will be formally sought for successful grants, where relevant, following the assessment process.

Acknowledgement and in-principle support from relevant parties will be required where appropriate including, but not limited to, the following parties:

  • the owner of any land to be used or impacted upon
  • the owner of any existing infrastructure to be used or impacted upon the leadership of any club/organisation involved or impacted upon
  • a representative of any businesses, services or utility providers involved or impacted upon

any relevant approvals or permissions required from local councils.


Assessment panel

Grant applications will be assessed by a senior panel convened by the Suburban Rail Loop Authority.

The panel may consult the following parties through the assessment process, as required:

  • representatives of relevant councils
  • relevant Victorian Government departments and agencies

An Independent Probity Advisor will oversee the assessment process. The Victorian Government will approve the successful applicants.

Assessment criteria

All eligible applications will be assessed on merit against the following program criteria:

  • Improve community connectedness – The project will increase the quality and number of connections that an individual
    has with others in their community.
  • Improve community cohesiveness – The project will improve the sense of togetherness and bonding that exists between
    members of a community.
  • Meet community need – The project addresses a community priority listed above.
  • Organisation capacity – The organisation has the demonstrated capacity to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Best endeavours will be made to ensuring funds are split evenly across SRL East precincts and their immediate surrounds, as well as in the vicinity of other SRL East surface infrastructure over the life of the program. Efforts will be made to supporting projects from each area in all rounds, subject to the merit of applications received.

How to apply

Online application form

Please note:

  • Applications must be submitted by an individual with authority to do so on behalf of their group/organisation
  • Applications must be submitted using the form for the relevant Grants category
  • Applicants must only submit one grant application per proposed project
  • Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be considered.

SRLA reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to accept or reject any project proposal that is lodged after the Closing Date or otherwise not lodged in accordance with the requirements of the Grants Guidelines.

Before you apply

Please have the following information ready before you start filling out the application form.

Information on the applying organisation including:

  • Name, address, contact details
  • Incorporation Registration Certificate
  • ABN
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate.

Completed forms

  • Evidence of land ownership (e.g rates notice) or landowner permission
  • Budget summary.

Information about the proposed project:

  • Project name
  • Type of project (capital works, purchase, other initiative)

Details about the project:

  • Location of the project
  • Information about land ownership and/or council approvals (if relevant)
  • Which priority area/s the project represents.

Responses will be required for the below:

  • Describe how your project will improve community connectedness and cohesiveness
  • Describe how your project will fulfil a community need
  • What evidence do you have that this project/program has community support?
  • Please provide some information about your organisation that will give us confidence that you can complete the work you’ve described in this application.

In relation to project costs, you will be asked for:

  • The total cost of the project
  • Your organisation’s contribution
  • How much funding you are seeking
  • Any other funding sources you have already secured.

Getting assistance

If you have questions about the Grants or require assistance in submitting an application, please contact 1800 105 105. If you require an interpreter, please call (03) 9209 0147.

Terms and conditions

Projects which receive a funding offer from Suburban Rail Loop Authority will be required to enter into a funding agreement and accept terms and conditions as provided by SRLA in relation to the specific project which has been proposed.

Privacy collection notice

The SRLA is collecting your personal information in connection with the Project, for the purposes of administering the Grants program.

We may disclose this information to the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and relevant third parties for these purposes, including:

  • SmartyGrants (the company that hosts the application platform)
  • the relevant local council and relevant state government departments to confirm any required permissions, funding agreements and/or support for the purposes of assessing the applications.
  • employees or contractors of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and other parts of the Department of Transport and Planning, for the purposes of assessing the applications.

We will only send you communications about any applications you make and updates to keep you informed on the Fund.

You may choose not to provide us with any information we request from you, but in that case we may not be able to accept an application from you, respond to your queries or take your feedback into account.

You have the right to access and correct information about you held by us. To request access or other changes to your information, or for more information about how we manage your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

To discuss any privacy concerns or request access or other changes to the information we hold about you, please contact us on 1800 105 105 or email contact@srla.vic.gov.au.

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