The SRL East station at Glen Waverley will be one of the best connected on the metropolitan network – connecting more people to the heart of this vibrant shopping and hospitality district.

It will provide a key transport link to the Glen Waverley Line, providing faster and more convenient access for locals and students to universities, employment and hospitals to the north and south of Glen Waverley.

Frequent services every few minutes will mean passengers can turn up and go when the new rail line is operating by 2035. It’ll take just 3-4 minutes between stations – a journey from Clayton to the Cheltenham station to go shopping at Southland will take just 7 minutes.

For more information, read the SRL East station at Glen Waverley fact sheet.

What's happening now

Early construction on SRL East started in June 2022 and is powering ahead.

Planning for the area around the new underground station at Glen Waverley is now in its early stages, in consultation with the local council and community.

From 3 December 2023 to 3 March 2024, we sought community feedback on the draft precinct visions for the areas around each new SRL East station. These draft visions build on the priorities and feedback gathered over several years. The draft visions identify areas of opportunity, preliminary ideas and draft precinct plans that connect the place today to what it could look like in the future.

Read the draft precinct vision for Glen Waverley

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback via the online survey. A report summarising what we heard and how it is being considered will be released in the coming weeks.

What's next?

We are continuing to refine the precinct plans to ensure the SRL East precincts are thriving centres with quality housing options, services and job opportunities close to home.

SRL will be back out in the community shortly to get your feedback on the next steps being taken to realise the vision for Glen Waverley.

Read more about planning the future of Glen Waverley.