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West Gate Tunnel Project taking shape

We’ve made significant progress on construction of the West Gate Tunnel Project this year as we reached to the skies with work starting on the elevated roadway above Footscray Road and widening works transforming the West Gate Freeway.

Key highlights

Widening the West Gate Freeway

A lot has changed as we continue to widen the Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes:

  • the Princes Freeway exit ramp to Geelong Road was rebuilt, widened and strengthened and ramp connections at the M80 Ring Road were given new asphalt to create a smoother, safer driving experience for motorists.
  • the southbound section of Grieve Parade Bridge was demolished, rebuilt and widened to make it stronger for another 100 years and a new lane added to the city-bound entry ramp.
  • Kororoit Creek Bridge over the West Gate Freeway near Brooklyn now has four extra through lanes with the extra work to finish them off to take place in 2022
  • Millers Road bridge over the interchange has now been widened so new lanes canbe created on top.
  • Williamstown Road outbound exit ramp has a new additional left turn lane onto Melbourne Road.

75% of new and improved noise walls completed

More than 2,600 of the 3,500 locally manufactured concrete panels have now been installed along the freeway, including east of Newport Rail, Grieve Parade outbound exit ramp and the Williamstown Road inbound and outbound exit ramps.

The noise walls are between 4m and 9m in height, with the heaviest segment weighing approximately 8.5 tonnes. The new state-of-the-art noise walls will make it significantly quieter for people who live near the freeway or use local sportsgrounds.

Hyde Street ramps now under construction

The first beams have now been installed on the Hyde Street off and on ramps. The new ramps located between Williamstown Road and Hyde Street will connect with the West Gate Freeway and give freight vehicles direct access to local industry, taking trucks off local roads.

Preparing for tunnelling

The tunnel exit and entrances have transformed over the past year with the walls inside completed and roof decks installed on top for the tunnel entrance located on the freeway near Williamstown Road.

Multiple levels that support the inners workings of the outbound tunnel exit have also been installed, including a smoke duct, ventilation level and decking for the future road surface.

At the northern end of the tunnel in Yarraville where our tunnel boring machines will start their journeys, preparation works continue for tunnelling to start with the smoke deck levels also completed.

New connections to the city underway

The foundations for the Maribyrnong River bridges are now taking shaping with piling  completed and the majority of the piers installed in the river and both banks. Work to build the bridges that will sit on the piers and provide a vital second river crossing and new links to the port, CityLink and the City, will start in 2022.

Drivers would also have noticed a new road rising from the ground above Footscray Road with our bridge-building launching gantry starting its journey lifting concrete segments into place to build the new 2.5km roadway that will provide 6 new lanes and allow motorists quicker and safer access between the tunnels and CityLink, Dynon Road, Footscray Road and Wurundjeri Way.

The future Wurundjeri Way extension is well progressed with the piled foundation nearing completion and the majority of columns placed and crossheads constructed. Once completed, the extension will provide 2 extra lane in each direction and create a CBD bypass and connect drivers directly with Dynon Road.

Better journeys for cyclists and pedestrians underway

We’re on the way to delivering over 14km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths, making travel easier and safer.

Dynon Road walking and cycling pathway

As part of work to build a new walking and cycling path at Dynon Road, we installed key beams that will form a new bridge over Moonee Ponds Creek and the railway lines and yards to the south of Dynon Road. 16 concrete beams each weighing between 19 to 27 tonnes, have now been installed for the dedicated shared user pathway.

The bridge will be completed and open to the public in 2023.

Harris Street walking and cycling path

Foundation works including piling and column construction works are well advanced to build a new cycling and walking path from Harris Street to Hyde Street. The new elevated walking and cycling path will start at the intersection of Cowper Street and Harris Street and continue across Whitehall Street. It will carry cyclists and pedestrians over busy Whitehall Street with links to Hyde Street, Maribyrnong River, Shepherd Bridge and Footscray Road pathways for a safer continuous journey.

New veloway

The first foundations for the new 2.5km veloway were installed this year. Running from Shepherd Bridge to the city side of Moonee Ponds Creek and connected to the new elevated road above Footscray Road, the veloway will provide cyclists a safe express route to and from the city.

Building the missing link on Federation Trail

Work continues to build new sections of the trail that will extend through to Hyde Street, Yarraville.

Crews have been busy building the off-road path along Fogarty Avenue, Yarraville that will connect to a dedicated cycling bridge being built over Williamstown Road.

Read our Walking and Cycling fact sheet to discover how we’re creating a continuous journey from Werribee to the city.

West Gate Tunnel Project