A direct link to the port for trucks

Twin tunnels will take traffic underground from the West Gate Freeway to the Maribyrnong River.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will ensure quicker and safer journeys and remove over 9000 trucks a day from streets in the inner west.

Cars and trucks will enter the citybound tunnel from the West Gate Freeway just west of Williamstown Road and exit near the Maribyrnong River. To travel west, cars and trucks will enter the tunnel near the Maribyrnong River and exit at the West Gate Freeway just east of Millers Road.

The tunnels are being built using 2 tunnel boring machines (TBMs), with minimal impact to the community and businesses, while work happens below ground.

The project will deliver:

  • twin tunnels under Yarraville between the West Gate Freeway and the Maribyrnong River
  • a 4km-long outbound tunnel and 2.8km-long citybound tunnel
  • ventilation structures at each tunnel exit to remove air from inside the tunnels
  • Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety.

Tunnel safety features for smooth operation of the tunnel, including automatic detection for over-height trucks, fire systems and emergency access and exits.

Building the tunnel entries

The start and end of each tunnel is being built using the ‘cut and cover’ method. This involves excavating a trench then covering it with a concrete deck to form a roof. This is where the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) start and end their journey.

The Aboriginal culture and heritage of Melbourne’s west is reflected in the design of the tunnel portals, which has been inspired by the form of traditional nets and traps used to catch eels.

Managing tunnel soil

Work has started on a purpose-built facility at Hi-Quality Group’s Sunbury Eco-Hub that will manage and dispose of soil excavated by the tunnel boring machines on the West Gate Tunnel Project. Learn how we manage rock and soil from this project on our Tunnelling and soil management webpage.

New open spaces

The West Gate Tunnel Project is also providing new walking and cycling paths and new open space nearby.