Minimising impact to communities and the surrounding environment

Keeping roads open when they're busy

We are keeping Melbourne moving with all lanes open at peak periods on the West Gate Freeway, Footscray Road, Millers Road and Williamstown Road where possible.

We keep lanes open on the West Gate Freeway by doing road widening and other works on the road shoulder or in the centre. The West Gate Freeway has plenty of space to safely achieve this.

Keep up to date with the latest disruptions and detours on our travel disruptions webpage.

Managing construction noise

Strict controls are in place to make sure construction noise is well managed and complies with EPA guidelines.

There are specific requirements to protect residents from excessive noise at night. If noise exceeds set levels we need to reassess the situation and take action to manage any impacts.

This could mean changing the time of work, providing respite periods, using noise barriers or changing construction methods to reduce noise.

Please note, there will be times when noisier work must be done at night like during major road closures. Nearby residents will be informed and can contact the builder should they have any concerns on 1800 105 105.

Local and construction traffic

There will be changes on some roads, detours and a lot of trucks travelling around the precinct areas.

To keep freight moving, we will maintain 24/7 access to the port and keep Footscray Road open and running as smoothly as possible.

Construction compounds

Construction compounds provide a base for workers, equipment and machinery. There are a number of compounds set up throughout the project corridor. We will use best practice techniques at our construction compounds and will:

  • install fencing and screening around compounds located next to private properties
  • provide onsite car parks for construction workers to minimise parking on local streets
  • meet all requirements for managing noise, dust and traffic
  • give our neighbours advanced notice about what to expect during works
  • reinstate or improve compound areas after construction
  • encourage our workers to car-pool or use public transport where possible.

Construction hours

With the exception of tunneling activities, working hours will aim to avoid sensitive periods and to minimise impacts to road users and local residents.

Night work will be required on the West Gate Freeway, Footscray Road and within the rail environment to ensure roads and rail remain operational throughout construction.

Tunnelling activities will be undertaken continuously 24/7.

We’ll communicate any planned disruptions or delays in advance to residents, businesses and road users.

Our requirements

The West Gate Tunnel Project’s builder is required to meet strict obligations around noise, vibration and traffic management. These controls were put in place through the Environment Effects Statement, which assessed the project’s construction methods, and they are regularly audited.

Read more about the project’s Environmental Performance Requirements, planning approvals and environmental audits.