Find out where the TBMs are

The West Gate Tunnel Project is building twin tunnels between the Maribyrnong River and the West Gate Freeway, providing a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge. The tunnels are being built using 2 tunnel boring machines (TBMs) so the community and businesses can continue above ground while work happens below ground.

Where are they now?

Indicative only, residents and local businesses seeking specific information regarding the location of the Tunnel Boring Machines, please get in touch with the project team on 1800 105 105.

TBM Vida breaks through

TBM Vida has broken through in Yarraville, completing a 2.8km journey that started on the west side of the Maribyrnong River under Yarraville and finished at Williamstown Road near the West Gate Freeway.

Relive the moment when TBM Vida broke through the head wall.

What happens when the Tunnel Boring Machines finish?

After tunnel boring machines (TBMs) Bella and Vida finish digging, there’s still more work to be done to complete the twin tunnels before we can open them for use.

While TBMs Bella and Vida are boring under the earth, the insides of the tunnel are being built, starting with the installation of the concrete lining – forming the walls, roof and base of the tunnel. Behind each TBM, crews then work to build the road surface and install electrics, ventilation and safety systems.

Tunnel safety features

For smooth and safe operations of the tunnels,emergency cross passages are built that connect between the two tunnels. These cross passages allow for the safe evacuation of tunnel users during emergencies.

Building the tunnel entries

The start and end of each tunnel is being built using the ‘cut and cover’ method. This involves excavating a trench then covering it with a concrete deck to form a roof. This is where TBMs Bella and Vida start and end their journeys.

How the tunnels connect to the road network

Both citybound and westbound tunnel entrances and exits will be connected to the existing or new infrastructure. The citybound tunnel entrance and exit will be connected to the new bridge that is built across the Maribyrnong River. The westbound tunnel entrance and exit will be in the West Gate Freeway.

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