Four new lanes

We're widening the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes.

Congestion on the West Gate Freeway, demand on the port and a growing population are putting increased pressure on Melbourne's existing road network.

The West Gate Freeway carries 200,000 vehicles each day and is a critical link in Melbourne’s transport network but one incident is enough to bring traffic to a standstill.

The West Gate Tunnel project is a vital link in getting Victorians moving again and will reduce the city’s reliance on the West Gate Bridge and cut travel times from the west by 20 minutes.

To do this, we are rebuilding the West Gate Freeway from the ground up to make it smoother and stronger.

The project will deliver:

  • 4 extra through lanes between the M80 Ring Road and the West Gate Bridge
  • express lanes from the M80 Ring Road interchange to the West Gate Bridge
  • reduced weaving and merging
  • an entrance to the West Gate Tunnel citybound just west of Williamstown Road
  • an exit from the tunnel to the West Gate Freeway outbound just east of Millers Road
  • interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Grieve Parade, Millers Road and Williamstown Road
  • ramps to Hyde Street to connect trucks directly with local industry
  • pedestrian bridges replacing 2 of the existing overpasses
  • a Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety.

Ramp upgrades

The West Gate Tunnel Project will upgrade ramps connecting to the West Gate Freeway to strengthen the structures and improve traffic flow onto the freeway. We are upgrading interchanges at:

  • the M80 Ring Road
  • Grieve Parade
  • Millers Road
  • Williamstown Road.

There are also walking and cycling paths, new noise walls and open spaces for the community to enjoy.

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