Take a virtual trip on the new veloway in Footscray

The West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver over 14km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths, making travel easier and safer.

The project responds to feedback for more choices and better access by upgrading existing paths, creating new connections and providing a revitalised urban environment.

Key benefits

Key benefits include:

  • a completed Federation Trail and missing links in the Kororoit Creek Trail
  • a new 2.5km elevated veloway which will give cyclists a safe and express route to and from the city
  • better links to popular trails across Greater Melbourne
  • connecting Spotswood and Yarraville with a new pedestrian and cycling path from Hyde Street Reserve to Spotswood Station
  • a new connection along Hyde Street and Harris Street in Yarraville which will redirect cyclists from the dangerous intersection of Somerville Road and Whitehall Street
  • a new cycling and pedestrian bridge connecting Yarraville Gardens and the Maribyrnong River
  • connecting communities with new paths across the West Gate Freeway improving safety and access
  • new, safer cycling and pedestrian bridge across Moonee Ponds Creek at Dynon Road
  • a new bridge crossing over Footscray Road at Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, avoiding the busy signalised intersection.

What we're delivering

  • New north-south link will connect the Kororoit Creek and Federation trails in the north and Crofts Reserve and the future Kororoit Creek Trail extension in the south.
  • Wider, well-lit paths under the West Gate Freeway at Millers Road and Williamstown Road and new pedestrian bridges over the freeway at Lynch Reserve and Fogarty Avenue.
  • Completing the missing link in the Federation Trail with a new off-road path between Fogarty Avenue and Hyde Street and upgrades to the trail from Kororoit Creek to Fogarty Avenue.
  • A cycling and pedestrian path near the Newport freight rail line at New Street, South Kingsville that will connect to the Federation Trail, the Bradmill and Precinct 15 sites.
  • A new connection from the Federation Trail to Hyde Street Reserve and Spotswood Station that will improve access and connect the neighbourhoods of Spotswood and Yarraville.
  • Upgraded cycling facilities along Hyde Street from Somerville Road will improve cyclist safety, removing the need to use the Whitehall Street / Somerville Road intersection.
  • A new cycling and pedestrian bridge over Whitehall Street will create a link between Yarraville Gardens and the Maribyrnong River and take cyclists off busy Whitehall Street.
  • The existing walking and cycling path along Footscray Road will remain available as an alternative route for pedestrians and cyclists and feature new landscaping.
  • A new 2.5km elevated veloway along Footscray Road will create an express journey for cyclists to and from the city completely separated from traffic with 2 emergency exits.
  • The existing path on Footscray Road over the Moonee Ponds Creek will be upgraded to provide a wider and safer path.
  • A new bridge over Footscray Road will remove a dangerous and busy crossing.
  • A new pedestrian and cycling bridge at Dynon Road will make it safer and easier to cross Moonee Ponds Creek and the rail lines to link in to the broader cycle network.

Extending the Federation Trail

A new elevated walking and cycling path will extend the Federation Trail through to Hyde Street. It will go over Williamstown Road and run alongside the new Hyde Street exit ramp on the north side of the freeway.

A separate bridge will connect the path to ground level at Hyde Street Reserve.

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