The South Geelong to Waurn Ponds Duplication will improve public transport in growth areas south of Geelong, as well as provide enormous benefits to those communities including new green open space, landscaping and quality urban design that will reflect and enhance the local area.

To ensure these benefits are successfully delivered, a major tree planting and landscaping program will commence as soon as construction on the project is complete.

Landscaping approach

We know that trees and vegetation are really important to the local community.

A major tree planting and landscaping program will commence as soon as construction on the project is complete and the trees and plants can be protected.

We’ve engaged the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and City of Greater Geelong to work together on the landscape plans and on climate resilient planting.

Through this process, we developed principles that have informed the landscaping and project design, including:

  • greening the corridor
  • consideration of water movement
  • strengthening biodiversity
  • promoting the area as a destination for wildlife
  • sustainable use and selection of materials
  • opening views across landscapes for commuters
  • integrating Wadawurrung stories, graphics and language in signage and artworks for the project
  • improvements to cycling and pedestrian amenity
  • new and enhanced public spaces to gather.

Trees, shrubs and grasses will be planted in the station precincts, around the new rail bridges and along the new shared user path once construction is complete, creating a green buffer between residents and the rail line, with a minimum of 2 trees planted for every 1 removed.

To view the landscaping plans for each of the areas see the fact sheets below.

Reuse and repurposing strategy

As part of our commitment to minimising impacts on the environment, we will be implementing opportunities to reuse trees and vegetation that have been removed, including:

These opportunities include:

  • growing Yellow Gum seeds which were cultivated at the start of the project at the West Coast Indigenous Nursery to be replanted once construction is complete
  • donating trees to local gardening clubs
  • storing trees to be used as habitat logs as part of the landscaping plan
  • tree burls donated to Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to be repurposed
  • trees donated to local Men’s Sheds for wood working and bird or possum nests
  • donating excess mulch to community groups, schools and City of Greater Geelong Council.

Please contact us by calling 1800 105 105 or via email at if you are a community group interested in logs or mulch.

Tree and vegetation removal

To safely deliver major construction on the South Geelong to Waurn Ponds Duplication, trees and vegetation were removed in stages along the rail corridor and nearby. 

Some trees and vegetation in or near the rail corridor were removed to allow construction to take place because they were directly in the path of where new infrastructure will be located. 

In other areas, trees and vegetation were removed as a result of assessments identifying that their root structure may be damaged from being too close to works, causing a safety risk to trains, pedestrians and workers. 

We understand that mature trees are an important feature of the area and every effort was made to preserve as many trees as possible through the design of the project.