Albion Station will be rebuilt to become a modern and accessible station. It will provide an important boost to this growing precinct.

The Department of Transport and Planning and Rail Projects Victoria have been working together to explore how to overhaul the station. Their focus has been on improving safety and connectivity for the community.

Further design development and community engagement will be undertaken to shape the details of the rebuild.

Albion Station will be built by Melbourne Airport Rail, but will not be included on the Airport route.

Albion flyover

A section of elevated rail – a flyover – will be built between Sunshine and the Albion rail junction.

This design will see twin rail tracks rising before Anderson Road, Sunshine and continuing through to the start of the Albion-Jacana freight corridor, elevating the rail line over existing rail tracks, Ballarat Road and St Albans Road before returning to ground level.

The Albion flyover will be around 18m in height at its highest point over Ballarat Road (26m high including overhead wiring structures) and located around 31m away from the John Darling flour mills.

Options assessment

The preferred solution between Sunshine and Albion is the result of detailed investigations, design and planning by engineers, transport modellers, urban designers and other experts with extensive experience of the rail network and other infrastructure projects in Australia and around the world. This part of the rail corridor is highly active, complex and constrained with several tracks, major roads and a critical jet fuel pipeline to consider. View the Albion flyover options assessment fact sheet (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Building the flyover is the best outcome for this section of the rail network to minimise impacts to existing infrastructure, reduce disruption to road and rail users during construction, provide more reliable travel times for Melbourne Airport Rail services and enable further network investments in the future.

Heritage will continue to be an important consideration as the design progresses.