We're making the Werribee Line level crossing-free and building a new Spotswood Station.

We’re removing 7 level crossings on the Werribee Line. 4 crossings are already gone and now we’ve added another 3 including:

Removing these crossings will improve safety, reduce congestion and allows more trains, more often. With no more level crossings, local roads will be safer, and journeys will be faster and more reliable.

We’ll also build a new Spotswood Station, giving inner-west commuters modern and accessible facilities.

There has been one fatality and 4 serious injuries at these crossings since 2006, and 37 near misses since 2016.

About 34,000 vehicles travel through these crossings each day. Boom gates are down for up to 56 minutes of the morning peak when up to 48 trains travel through these crossings.

Metro Tunnel  will add more trains to the Werribee Line meaning the boom gates would be down for up to 85% of the 2-hour morning peak. Removing these crossings now will prevent even more boom gate down time in the future.

Removing the level crossing at Anderson Street in Yarraville presents a set of unique design challenges, including the narrow and curved rail corridor and the density of buildings near the crossing. Rail or road bridges and underpasses are not feasible at this site. For more information about this level crossing, read our fact sheet below.

You'll hear more from our teams early this year about the removal of these crossings. This will include information on how to get involved, project timelines and what early investigations will be happening in your area.

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