Pillars of sustainability

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) is committed to delivering sustainable infrastructure that benefits communities and the environment over the long term. We continue to drive outcomes across 3 pillars of sustainability: environment, social and economic.

Our sustainability policy

Through our delivery of Major Projects, we’re committed to connecting communities sustainably. RPV will help to ensure a legacy for present and future generations for a more livable Victoria - environmentally, socially and economically.

To achieve this sustainability vision, RPV is committed to:

  • contributing to Victoria achieving its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets
  • using the latest science-based research to prepare for and respond to the challenges presented by climate change
  • supporting Victoria’s transition to a circular economy by managing resources efficiently and prioritising recycled materials
  • maintaining and striving to enhance biodiversity health, recognising its foundational role in social and economic wellbeing.

To give effect to this policy, our people will:

  • demonstrate leadership in the commitment to a prosperous and integrated economic, social and environmental sustainable future
  • demonstrate commitment to sustainable procurement
  • protect and maintain vegetation, the functioning of ecosystems and biological diversity
  • facilitate economic prosperity and development and provide a resilient local workforce
  • support and enhance social, cultural and community wellbeing
  • encourage the pioneering of innovation in sustainable design, process or advocacy that seeks continuous improvement to promote new ideas and thinking
  • embed environmental and sustainability outcomes by establishing robust sustainability objectives and targets
  • report on sustainability performance and be accountable for meeting environmental and social responsibilities.

Sustainability framework

We implement our sustainability policy by developing sustainability frameworks and strategies for our programs and projects.

Our sustainability framework identifies 5 focus areas:

  • energy
  • materials
  • water management
  • liveability and legacy
  • climate change resilience.

Organisational sustainability commitments are translated into project specific actions, objectives and targets, supported by sustainability management plans. These plans articulate the processes for working with delivery partners to ensure we achieve our sustainability requirements.

Monitoring performance

We monitor the sustainability performance of its projects throughout the delivery phase.

This monitoring program includes:

  • collecting and reviewing project sustainability performance information monthly
  • externally auditing the projects’ sustainability programs regularly to provide assurance that our sustainability requirements are being met.

Environmental policy

RPV’s environmental vision is to be an industry leader in managing environmental impacts with a demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement in delivering major infrastructure projects.

To achieve this environmental vision, RPV is committed to:

  • ensuring environmental management is a core value of our organisation
  • promoting a culture of exceptional environmental management, collaboration and continuous improvement, empowering our people to embrace a positive environmental management culture to encourage enhanced environmental performance
  • ensuring all our delivery partners meet or exceed our environmental management requirements and integrate best practice into their activities
  • establishing a framework for setting objectives and targets across all environmental aspects of the authority's work
  • providing staff with information, training and support to meet environmental challenges
  • encouraging innovation and taking advantage of available opportunities to manage environmental risks and impacts.

To give effect to this policy, our people will:

  • establish and implement practices to fulfil environmental compliance requirements, including all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, objectives and targets
  • implement departmental and RPV environmental plans, objectives and targets
  • endeavour to protect and conserve the local and regional environment
  • effectively manage the environmental impacts including social impacts, waste, water and energy use.


In addition to many of our construction partners using renewable energy to power site offices, RPV is proudly using 100% GreenPower at our head office at 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. GreenPower is a government-managed program with renewable energy accreditation that ensures electricity is sourced from entirely renewable sources.

In May 2021, the Victorian Government released Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy and the Whole of Victorian Government emissions reduction pledge. This pledge includes a commitment to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 for all Victorian Government operations, facilities and services.

Sustainability annual reports

RPV’s annual sustainability reports celebrate some of the sustainability efforts behind our projects in delivery.