The Metro Tunnel Creative Program curates artworks and events to enhance Melbourne city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel.

The Metro Tunnel Project is committed to a program of temporary creative works that contribute to offsetting the disruption across our worksites, keeping Melbourne a vibrant and attractive destination as we build this city-shaping project.

The focus of the program is to encourage community interaction with construction sites and support local businesses at the coalface between site boundaries and where city life begins. The program supports the objectives in the Metro Tunnel Creative Strategy.


Through tactical place making, cultural programming and attentive place management, our objectives are to:

  • keep the city vibrant and moving
  • think laterally about space and place
  • remain quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ in our approach
  • stay true to local character
  • keep Melbourne liveable.


The Metro Tunnel Creative Program has been recognised in a number of awards categories:

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People walk past a neon-lit mural.