True North is an illustrated timeline that charts the evolution of North and West Melbourne in and around the construction site of the new Arden Station, produced by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program in collaboration with North and West Melbourne Association and the Hotham History Project.

It is a story of transformation: the once-pristine Blue Lake, home to the local Kulin people for millennia, into a wasteland known as West Melbourne Swamp within 20 years of European settlement; the development of the railway, industry and public transport; and the demographic shift of the area into gentrified real estate. This evolution continues with Arden Station, linking into the Metro Tunnel network of 5 new underground stations and due to open in 2025.

True North is a nod to Arden Station’s true location in North Melbourne, as the existing North Melbourne Station is actually in West Melbourne.

The True North launch event was held on 16 March 2022 and was a great success.