About the artwork

‘When I was little, my mum and I would walk the same 15 minute route to kindy and on that journey we would play a game. As we passed each neighbours’ garden, Mum would pick out a flower or plant and ask “What’s that one called?”

I got very good at this game. Four year old Jasmine could distinguish an oriental lily from a calla lily, name each different rose, daffodil and chrysanthemum, even if I couldn’t quite say it properly. I even have memories of touching the lambs’ ears and giggling at their softness.

Those walks to kindy started a love and curiosity of plants and flowers, something that has only grown as an adult. I developed a particular interest in Australian natives and fell in love with drawing them. Each of the letters in this piece are made with the leaves, branches and florals of native flowers.’

About the artist

Jasmine Parasram is a Melbourne based designer and illustrator. A self-proclaimed 'Jaz of all trades', Jasmine’s portfolio of work spans a wide range of disciplines. From hand painted murals to branding, video production to animation, web development to advertising. She also runs Creative Business Kitchen, an online community and education platform for freelancers.

Instagram: @jhdesigns