Artist statement

"This hoarding artwork is based on an original piece from 2018 that took the form of oil paint on shaped aluminium panels. The original artwork evolved from my exploration of rhythm, movement and dancing. Working in abstraction, I sought to capture the dynamic nature of dance as a form of embodied movement.

"When visiting the site of the project it struck me how busy it was with pedestrian activity. I thought it interesting that the length and narrowness of the site funnelled people through it in a long, straight line. There is a rhythm created by the movement of the pedestrians as they travel past the colourful forms of the work. Like the blurred image one gets of a landscape from a fast-moving vehicle, the reflected light and colours of the work become indications of motion."

About the artist

Evan Whittington is a Melbourne-based artist who completed his Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2018. He is currently studying honours at VCA. Working across drawing, painting and printmaking, he explores the dynamic and fluid nature of embodied movement.

Instagram: @evan_whittington_art