About the artwork

Kathryn McCool’s Jubilee Years (1986-2020) strives to create an account of an elusive territory – not that of her homes in either New Zealand, or rural Victoria, but of her own psyche. Hovering over the decades with no clear place or time of belonging, McCool’s subjects – be they human or not – are given the same weight and presence in every frame in a realm of uncertain purpose and eerie beauty.

Jubilee Years (1986-2020) was commissioned by Photo Australia and the Metro Tunnel Creative Program for PHOTO 2021.

About the artist

New Zealand-born photographer Kathryn McCool has lived and worked in Australia since 1994. Her photographs have been shown in galleries across New Zealand including Manawatu Gallery, Wellington City Gallery, Govett-Brewster Gallery and Anna Bibby Gallery. In Australia, McCool has exhibited at Westspace, Blindside, Castlemaine Art Gallery and La Trobe Gallery, Bendigo. In 2011 her documentary film Sand Mountain received a nomination for Oxford American Best Southern Film at Little Rock Film Festival, Arkansas in the US.

Photography by James Henry

Barry Street, February 2021 to April 2022