Image of Marcus Lee's colourful geometric design along Barry Street.

About the artwork

Marcus Lee, creative director of Marcus Lee Design, draws on a creative understanding of Indigenous art culture while applying fresh directions to evolve and develop his design work towards a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Marcus Lee Design has evolved throughout the realm of communicating cultural diversity. This also brings with it the scope to participate within the commercial community, helping to improve the living standards of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Born and raised in Darwin, Marcus is a descendent of the Karajarri people (WA) and is proud of his Aboriginal heritage.

Artist statement

This artwork reflects the Metro Tunnel traversing throughout the Melbourne region. The geometric, multi-coloured, circular grid design interconnects, alluding to the new train tunnels and stations. Contemporary, linear, diamond-shaped patterns integrate through the graphic forms, which reflect upon traditional Aboriginal South-Eastern Australian artistic expressions.


This artwork was previously displayed along Flinders Street, next to Flinders Street Station and the tram stop.