About the artwork

In this work for the Metro Tunnel project site in Parkville, Naoise Halloran-Mackay presents a series of aerial views of newly constructed homes in Melbourne’s outer fringes that have been reduced to their simple geometric forms. Pattern and colour are exaggerated in order to capture certain unearthly nuances surrounding geometry and abstraction within the architecture of newly built structures. The work encourages passersby to reflect on the Metro Tunnel Project’s importance to facilitate this constantly growing city.

Halloran-Mackay’s paintings act as a documentation of Australian attitudes surrounding space, land, urban planning and architecture within today’s globalised world. He describes his work as a continuation of conversations and questions surrounding place and identity that have existed throughout the history of post-colonial landscape painting in Australia.

About the artist

Naoise Halloran-Mackay is a young artist who currently lives and works in Kyneton, Victoria. He graduated from the Painting Department at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2018.

He was the recipient of the 2018 GoGo Foundation Art Award as well as the 2018 Tolarno Hotel VCA Annual Art Award.

Instagram: @Na0ise