About the work

Artworks from The Torch shares stories and designs by First Nations artists whose cultural heritage and lived experiences connect to south-eastern Australia. Beginning with the ancestral beings, Bunjil - the wedge-tailed eagle, and Waa -the crow, this series explores personal and collective cultural narratives, totem animals, and a deep connection to Country. Expressed through a unique visual vocabulary, the works are a distinct form of First Nations storytelling.

Participating artists: Dale A, Christopher Austin, Dylan B, Thelma Beeton, Melissa Bell, Alfred Carter, Flick Chafer-Smith, Billy D, S. Edwards, Renee Gray, Gumarran, Will H, Veronica Mungaloon Hudson, Jeffrey Jackson, D. Kerr, Leroy McLaughlin, Marbukk, Michael Morgan, Morgs, Darren N, Stephen N, Narnz, Garry Scott, Heather Shawe, Ash Thomas, Trevor, and Willie.

About the project

The Torch supports First Nations people in Victoria whose lives have been impacted by the criminal justice system to explore their identity and culture through art, and define new pathways for themselves upon release from prison.

By embracing participants as artists, The Torch provides an avenue for change. The program aids development of self-esteem, confidence and resilience, through cultural strengthening and artistic expression.

Instagram: @thetorchvic