About the artwork

From memories of childhood ghost stories, spooky encounters and all things that go bump in the night, the Guardians have come to your neighbourhood. They emerge from the city scape as watchers, overlooking those who pass by, ready to intervene if needed.

Their physical attributes are a combination of all the things we do not want to find hidden under our bed. Are they friend or foe, it’s hard to tell, perhaps best to just pass on by and know you are being watched and watched over.

About the artist

A multi-disciplinary artist, Carla Gottgens’ practice was established through a background in photography which still plays an important role in the concepts, designs and realisation of her art projects.

Carla’s work can be found in the public domain throughout the suburbs of Melbourne and further afield nationwide in rural and metropolitan settings. The key inspirations for her art are drawn from the sites where they will eventually live. Her love of fairy tales, myths and legends will always try and find its way into a project, to delight, surprise and amuse those passing by.

Instagram: @carlagottgens