Artist statement

'These portraits take us on a journey into people’s homes and the spaces they love to live in. Imaginative flourishes and touches are everywhere – in the photos of families, children, friends, and lovers; in the art that is on a wall; the birthday and get well cards; allegiances to football teams; display of faiths and religious beliefs; and the devotion to pets. These things help us to shape a sense of who we are.

These are the individual stories and then there is the collective story of inclusive housing. Part of that story is the struggle to affirm what others will deny – the right to safe and affordable housing for people with disability delivered in a range of contexts including rental accommodation. Those who rent can be vulnerable, and homes can be hostile and lonely places, but when we get it right the potential for personal and communal transformation can be profound.'

About the project

The Home series of photographs by Paul Dunn is part of The Opening Doors – Renting for All Project, created by AMIDA (Action for More Independence and Dignity in Accommodation), and produced with the assistance of the Victorian Government.

AMIDA is an independent organisation, which advocates for good housing for people with disability. The organisation provides advocacy to individuals, with priority given to people with an intellectual disability, and advocates for change in systems which prevent people from achieving good housing.

This exhibition was curated by Lex Middleton.