Artist statement

‘“Vantage Point” is a photographic response to the Metro Tunnel excavation sites from surrounding architecture and infrastructure.

After viewing the layers of history at the Flinders Quarters archaeological site visit, conducted in August 2018, I began to think about the ephemeral history that circulates around construction sites as the infrastructure changes.

Between 2018 and 2019 I photographed the excavation sites with two different cameras, a tripod mounted 5x4 view camera and a handheld 35mm camera, to create a fractured impression of a city in transformation from the vantages of surrounding buildings and streetscapes.’

About the artist

Born in Italy in 1993 and based in Naarm/Melbourne, Rudi Williams is an artist and teacher who works with historic and contemporary image-making processes.

Williams’ working process is driven by intuition, chance, and the implicit speeds of the photographic processes she utilises. Her photographs and installations are meditations on the history of photography, the process of recollection and the passing of time.