About the artwork

Melbourne Photographer Samara Clifford plays on the concept of ‘hiding in plain sight’ with her Silver Ghillie – a magical character based on traditional Ghillie suits used by military snipers for camouflage. But Clifford’s Ghillie is a sparkling, shining creature clad in foil. Despite this eye-catching attire, the ghillie moves about the city largely unnoticed (or wilfully ignored?) by passers-by.

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program commissioned Clifford to shoot the Silver Ghillie around some of its construction sites which, by being covered in art and design, are also ‘hiding in plain sight’.

About the artist

Graduating from Curtin University in 1996 with a BA Design (Photography) with high distinctions, Samara travelled the world, working with photographers, advertising and digital agencies for 10 years.

Producing photoshoots for record companies in London, and managing a creative team of 40 people, she also exhibited, and sold out a two person show in Belfast.

In 2009 she returned to Australia to begin her own photographic business and is now Melbourne based.

The Silver Ghillie concept was Samara’s creative response to the theme ‘Camouflage’ provided by Wunder Gym – a Collingwood based practical art program that allows creatives to extend their skills and practice through unique project briefs, artist mentorships and group exhibitions.

Instagram: @silverghillie