Artist statement

‘When visiting the Herbarium, I was taken by the way botanists refer to “plant stories” and how they are collected and added to over time, like pieces in an ongoing puzzle. When making my work, I thought about the people who might walk past the work and what they might add to these stories, like layers of memory. My kids always collect acorns and seed pods, my dog might pick up a stray toddler’s sock, we might find a lovely autumn leaf. Using an instinctive process of assemblage, these works are collated and arranged loosely by colour and form. Some were found (with permission) in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, some I made from ceramics or collected from local garage sales, and some are precious treasures loaned from a family with Anzac digger relatives to accompany the pressed poppy.’

Presented by Metro Tunnel Creative Program in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

About the artist

Tai Snaith is an artist, author and broadcaster living on Wurundjeri country. Her artwork celebrates the intersection of stories, collections, people and place. Tai has written and illustrated 5 books published by Thames and Hudson and is working on a new series. In 2018, Tai was commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art to create a podcast titled ‘A World Of One’s Own’ where she spoke to female-identifying artists about subjects ranging from creative process to vulnerability, doubt and motherhood. Tai has artwork held in numerous private collections as well at the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and the City of Banyule.