Construction of Anzac Station is underway on St Kilda Road. The station has been built using the cut-and-cover method, from the top down. Major excavation is complete and the tram platform above the station is open to public. Work is continuing on the station platforms and concourse levels underground, and the upper levels and entrances.

Building the Anzac Station canopy

Recent construction photos

Construction progress

The walls of the station were built into the ground first through a series of diaphragm walls, or D-walls. Once the walls were set, excavation equipment dug out the top few metres of the station box. A new permanent concrete slab was then poured, forming the roof of the station box.

Once the roof was in place, a temporary acoustic shed was installed over the northern end of the station box so excavation of the station could take place 24/7. In total, around 400,000 tonnes of rock and soil was excavated from Anzac Station and the project's eastern tunnels between South Yarra and the CBD, with Anzac Station providing key support for tunnelling operations. Read more about the project's tunnel boring machines.

As station construction advanced, the acoustic shed was dismantled in January 2022 to make way for work on the station's upper levels and tram/train interchange, with its distinctive timber entrance canopy. In late 2022, the St Kilda Road tram corridor was realigned for the final time around the station entrance. Traffic lanes will continue to be in a temporary alignment to allow for works to continue on the station and its entrances.

It is estimated that construction activities in the Anzac Station precinct will take approximately 5 years. Surface disruption is expected to be shorter than the overall construction time. Project-wide rail systems installation will occur after this.

For more detailed information on the construction activities at Anzac Station, you can view our latest construction updates