The Urban Design Strategy will ensure that the Metro Tunnel integrates with the city’s existing public spaces, creates vibrant new public precincts and is an exciting new addition to what is already great about our city and state.

It provides strategies to address the landscape and visual issues identified as part of the Metro Tunnel Environment Effects Statement and to maximise the project’s positive and enduring contribution to Melbourne.

Ensuring that the public experience of the journey is memorable and engaging will be a key design outcome, during construction and after it is operational. Innovative and expressive contemporary design will be part of the project’s contribution to Melbourne, but respectful integration with the public realm is of equal importance.

Precinct-specific design

The Metro Tunnel will enhance Melbourne’s reputation for design excellence in its urban design, architecture, landscape and integrated cultural activations. We will look to emulate and surpass international public transport projects such as London’s CrossRail project that have set a benchmark in urban design outcomes.

For each precinct, the Urban Design Strategy outlines the scope of likely project works, the strategic vision for each precinct, design and land use objectives and site specific design guidance to achieve integration with the existing area and enable future development of the sites.

Precinct specific design guidance considers issues such as pedestrian access and movement, cycling routes, interchange with other modes of transport, open space and parklands, trees and vegetation, future development opportunities, wayfinding, emergency access and recreational use.

The strategy relates to the design of public streets and spaces at ground level and the relationship of the Metro Tunnel infrastructure with those spaces, rather than on underground station design and/or the potential commercial redevelopment of properties above or adjoining the station infrastructure.

Development of the Urban Design Strategy

Rail Projects Victoria has developed the Urban Design Strategy in consultation with the Office of the Victorian Government Architect with input from key local government, institutional and community stakeholders.

The Urban Design Strategy has been created in line with Commonwealth and Victorian Government legislation and guidelines including:

  • Creating Place for People: an Urban Design Protocol for Australian Cities, Infrastructure Australia (2001)
  • Our Cities, Our Future, Commonwealth of Australia (2011)
  • Plan Melbourne: Metropolitan Planning Strategy, State Government of Victoria (2014)

City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Stonnington and City of Maribyrnong’s Planning Schemes as well as policies, structure plans, master plans and design guidelines were also considered.