Our Community Liaison Groups (CLGs) play an important role in keeping the local community informed about key stages of the North East Link Program.

Representatives from a range of backgrounds and community groups, including traders, local residents, sports clubs, schools, environmental advocates, disability representatives, businesses and council representatives meet every 2 months to discuss the project.

There are 2 groups formed to represent the northern and southern parts of the North East Link.

The CLGs will meet regularly with an independent chair to discuss a variety of topics including ways to minimise project impacts during construction, urban design and sustainability initiatives.

Community representatives were appointed through an application process and demonstrated strong links within their community.

The CLGs are independently chaired by Jeni Coutts (North) and Mike Marasco (South).

North CLG members

  • Sarah Maguire
  • Adriano Murone
  • Michelle Molinaro
  • Remo Marinucci
  • Stephen Paul
  • Michelle Giovas
  • John Pompei
  • Allan Hunter

South CLG members

  • Alexander Law
  • Judith Voce
  • Ben Dawson
  • Frank Freschi
  • Paul McMorran
  • John Van Delft
  • Tina Garg

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Meeting minutes