The development plans describe the proposed designs for the station entrances and surrounds.

Cross Yarra Partnership, the contractor for the Tunnel and Stations package of works, has prepared a development plan for each of the five new underground stations.

The plans demonstrate how the works will be delivered in accordance with the approved Environmental Performance Requirements as defined in the Metro Tunnel Environmental Management Framework, and the approved Urban Design Strategy.

The following plans have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

Development plans

Arden Station – updated November 2021

Town Hall Station

State Library Station

Anzac Station – minor amendment October 2022

Parkville Station – minor amendment October 2022

Consultation process


Draft development plans were available for public display and comment. In total 1507 submissions were received.

As part of the updated development plan submission to the Minister for Planning, Cross Yarra Partnership provided all written comments received during the stakeholder and community consultation undertaken in 2017. Key issues raised in the submissions have been addressed in a feedback report.

2021 to 2022

Updated development plans for Arden, Parkville and Domain were released for public comment in 2021 and the State Library and Town Hall precincts in 2022.

The following reports capture the key issues raised during this consultation and the response from Cross Yarra Partnership Design & Construction Joint Venture.

Reports for the Town Hall Station and State Library Station plans will be available later this year.