22 June 2023

In 2016 we published an Environment Effects Statement (EES), an evaluation of the potential environmental, social, and planning aspects of the project, and the approach to managing the impacts.

The Metro Tunnel EES documentation contains:

  • a description of the proposed project and existing environment that may be affected
  • an outline of public and stakeholder consultation undertaken during the investigation period and the issues raised
  • an assessment of potential environmental, social and planning effects of the project and relevant alternatives (within the project’s general alignment)
  • possible measures to avoid, minimise or manage adverse environmental effects
  • a proposed framework for monitoring and managing environmental effects during project delivery.

The EES was supported by a range of technical studies that identified and assessed the potential effects of the project and provide guidance on mitigation measures.

We also prepared a draft Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA). Changes to the Planning Scheme were recommended to protect the tunnels, stations and associated infrastructure and guide future development in their vicinity.

The EES, draft PSA and public submissions were presented to an Inquiry and Advisory Committee that considered the EES and prepared a report for the Minister for Planning.

In December 2016, the Minister for Planning released his Assessment. The Assessment has been provided to statutory decision-makers to inform approval decisions on this project, including for planning scheme amendments under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. View the details of the Assessment on the Department of Transport & Planning website.

Listed under the additional documents is the Incorporated Document in the Schedule to clause 81 of each of the Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Maribyrnong Planning Schemes.

The latest Environmental Performance Requirements can be found on the Environment Management Framework page.

Inquiry and Advisory Committee

A joint Inquiry/Advisory Committee was appointed by the Minister for Planning under the Environment Effects Act 1978 and the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Inquiry and Advisory Committee reviewed the Metro Tunnel Environment Effects Statement and draft Planning Scheme Amendment, public submissions, and investigated and considered the environmental effects of the Project in accordance with the Terms of Reference approved by the Minister for Planning.

The joint Inquiry/Advisory Committee members:

  • Kathy Mitchell (Chair)
  • Geoff Underwood (Deputy Chair)
  • Craig Barker
  • Jenny Donovan
  • Mandy Elliott
  • Kate Partenio

Technical Notes provided by Rail Projects Victoria and the Expert Witness Statements presented to the Inquiry and Advisory Committee are available below.